DEU87 - Rotating union for compressed air and more – Deublin 1005 series

The rotating union from this series has been an integral component of the Deublin programme for decades, and like all other rotary transmissions, it has been continuously developed.

This rotating union is used in the field of dynamic tyre pressure control during operation for commercial vehicles.

Mobile agricultural machines, such as tractors or combine harvesters, as well as construction vehicles, drive across a range of solid surfaces compacted to varying degrees and surfaces of varying levels of sensitivity. Examples include pastures, arable land, forest floor, sand, clay soil, gravel and asphalt.


DEU85 - Multi-passage rotating unions—a solution for complex tasks

In the machine tool, the task of transferring more than just one medium into/from or through a rotating machine part is becoming ever more frequent during machining. The requirement results from both turning and milling operations as well as from combined lathing and milling operations and includes all the machining axes. DEUBLIN, the rotating union manufacturer, unveiled a new generation of multi-passage rotating unions—the Hybrid series—at the AMB trade fair for this very purpose.

As a two-channel rotating union, this product group has already been in use for a considerable amount of time, particularly in the field of clamping technology and for cooling with hydraulic, compressed air and coolant media. The tried-and-tested 2620 series, which the manufacturer has been a preferred supplier of for a number of years now, is a good example of this.


DEU80 - MPSS in machine tools

Machine tools, or as they are referred to nowadays, “machining centres”, are undoubtedly highly complex, CNC-controlled and often largely automated production equipment, which, in terms of cutting, are capable of finishing even unusual geometries. It is well known that rotating unions of the “balanced mechanical seal” type at the up-per end of the spindle ensures that media, such as cutting fluids, MQL or air, is directed to the tip of the tool.


DEU78 - SpindleShield gb

Thanks to the patented SpindleShield™ technology in combination with Pop-Off™ and AutoSense™ rotating unions, this system is able to avoid damage to the spindle and downtimes of the machining centre and to simultaneously increase the productivity. If Coolant leaks occur which are not due to normal operation, the system will alert the machine operator.


DEU57 - Rotary Unions for machine tools

Cutting fluids are still state of the art in machine manufacturing, yet re-cent trends are forcing major changes in the design of machining centres, and especially the rotary unions used in them.